The Virga 26 - Extreme Durability Test

Ultralight and extremely durable don't usually go in the same sentence, but Granite Gear managed to achieve both with their Virga 26.

the 41lb base weight

the 41lb base weight


I've been putting this little guy through the wringer for the past year with fast and light hikes, slow heavy hikes, and winter hikes. I've got to say this is one tough little pack.

In 2015 I used the Blaze AC60 which is the bigger brother to this pack and after a whole thru-hike there wasn't any sign of wear on the fabric except a tiny hole in a mesh pocket. So I had high hopes for the Virga 26.


throwing the virga off the roof.jpg

Yesterday we decided to test the durability in a few unlikely to happen in real life scenarios.

First we threw it off a three story roof.

Then we drug it behind a motorcycle for a 1/2 mile.

dragging the virga behind the bike photo.jpg

I honestly thought the pack would explode. I mean...It was skimming over the pavement at 50 mph.

Here are a few photos of the aftermath.

Don't get me wrong it has a fair share of battle scars, but it's still in one piece! And is still totally usable for a hiking trip.


In the video below I talk a little more about the specs, and the packs biggest downfall. Accessibility is super important in U.L. packs and there is a lot of room here for improvement.
The shoulder pockets are cool, but they're tiny. The rear and side pockets become very tight when the pack is loaded making it tough to get items in and out, so I found myself needing to swing it onto one shoulder to replace my water bottle.

I love what they've done with this pack and hope to see an updated version soon!


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